Green Cleaning Kitchen Tips

Kitchen top in ceaserstone

The kitchen is one of those rooms that just can’t stay clean all the time. But when cleaning the cooking workspace, you should really be careful what sort of cleaning products you are using. Modern household cleaning products are just a bundle of very strong chemicals that are harmful to us and must be kept away from food and kids at any cost.

The best way to do that is to stay away from all those harmful cleaning products altogether. One way to do that is using eco or ‘green’ cleaning products. This way you can keep your kitchen safe from harmful chemicals and keep it clean altogether. In this week’s blog, we will show you a few ways you can implement green cleaning and keep your family safe.

1. Avoid Commercial Domestic Drain Cleaners

A clogged sink is always a real problem. In this situation, your sink is pretty much unusable and causes more problems than good until you unclog your pipes. The easiest solution to this problem is to use commercial domestic drain cleaners. The problem with this approach is that these products are made mostly out of acid elements.

What is the problem with that you might ask…well let we tell you. Acidic drain cleaners basically destroy your inner pipes piece by piece every time you use it. This happens because of the way it works – it eradicates the gunk busting the blockage in such a ruthless way it breezes pass any obstacles including little pieces of your pipes. A more suitable way to clean your clogged pipes is to pour boiling hot water down. This is more of a light approach that may not work 100% but you should definitely first try it before going for the big guns.

2. Stay Clear of Aerosol Oven Cleaners.

Nobody likes to cook in a dirty oven but cleaning it is sometimes not the easiest of tasks. The quickest way to scrub of the dirt is to use aerosol oven cleaners but you shouldn’t do such a thing. They also incorporate particularly strong and dangerous chemicals that are toxic in large doses.

The best way to clean your oven is to have a self-cleaning oven but they are very expensive and obviously most of the people cannot afford them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t clean our oven in a green way!

One quick tip is to sprinkle about an inch-thick baking soda over the bottom part of the oven and then spray it with water. You need to spray it a few times over the following hours in order to keep it moist. Then you have to let it sit overnight because that way in the morning you can just scoop it up and rinse it with a sponge and voila a brand new oven! 

3. Boiling Water is Definitely the Best Approach

Even the best cooks sometimes burn food on a pan or pot. We all know how hard these burned spots for removing and cleaning are. Most of the times we will probably reach out to the cleaning product that will eliminate the stain the fastest – but this also means that it is full of heavy chemicals that are bad for our health.

If you have encountered a baked-on food spot on your pots and pans that just won’t go off no matter how hard you scrub it there is one method you can try before taking that toxic cleaning product. Fill the pot or pan with boiling hot water and some salt and let it rest until the water cools. Leave it for some hours of if you can – even during the night and even if the burned stain has not come out automatically – it will be definitely easier to scrub!

The modern working person has less and less time for household chores – we know that. But this doesn’t mean that we need to use the most aggressive and fast methods, which mostly include cleaning products that are full of hardcore chemicals that harm us and our family. Think about our planet as well!

Go through our three green kitchen cleaning tips and use them is your weekly daily routine. That way you will have a clean kitchen that is both safe for our family and is eco towards the planet!